What is Angelfish?

1Angelfish originally came from the tropical places of India and South America. They have several genera and approximately 86 exceptional species. You might get confused with freshwater angelfish care with topical cichlids of the Amazon River basin. Angelfish are the most eye catching fish because of their vibrant and vivid colors and deep and laterally compressed bodies. Angelfish are faveroite pet fish in US. if are Searching for your AngelFish name or betta fish name visit.  oThey are often been compared to butterfly fish because of their similar description. Both the angelfish and the butterfly fish are the most beautiful and graceful fishes on the reef.

Angelfish has long been kept in captivity for breeding purposes though some angelfish are not suitable for breeding because of its tendency to become aggressive. Though they still look for their old home and type of water, they thrive very hard now on hard water because of the urge to survive. Angelfish that are being kept in captive can adjust well with their surroundings and type of foods being fed to them though they are used to soft and acidic water, with proper care and water quality, angelfish can adapt on its environment well in no time. By giving and providing them the right kind of food, will contribute a lot to their urge to survive and live on their new environment.

Though angelfish are really not that aggressive, they tend to be when they grow old and when they are in the breeding stage. Though you may add some other fishes on the angelfish tank, make sure that the fishes you are going to put in will be suitable for the traits of your angelfish to avoid any fighting between fishes that could end up to injuries or worst, fish death. Many angelfish fanatics are very much fond of these angels that it has become very popular these days among any other pet fish because of its sole beauty and traits.

Angelfish are in both normal finned and veil varieties, oftentimes exceeding 12 inches in height from the top of their dorsal fin to the tip of their ventral fin. Any angelfish fanatics can choose from different colors and patterns any which way they like such as from standard silvers to gold, to koi varieties to leopard-spotted to black to half-black and just about everything in between. Angelfish can live up to 10-15 years. Angelfish love to eat blackworms and bloodworms which make them carnivores. Just do not overfeed your angles to avoid any ammonia build up on your tank or aquarium. By using fish feeder, this will help you control the amount of feedings you give to your angels

This entry was posted on June 20, 2015.